OASIS Babies Go CD

OASIS Babies Go CD


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Rocking your baby to sleep has been given a whole new meaning.

Now you can enjoy the music you love with your baby.

The CD's are a collection of magically transformed instrumental lullabies from every generation's favourite artists. Soothing enough to put your baby to sleep and sane enough to keep you humming the tunes.

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1. Wonderwall 
2. Don´t look back in anger 
3. Live forever 
4. Champagne supernova 
5. Stand by me 
6. Little by little 
7. Stop crying your heart out 
8. The hindutimes 
9. All around the world 
10. Little James 
11. Married with children 
12. Gas panic 
13. Go let it out 
14. Cast no shadow