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RGS Music

Rocking your baby to sleep has been given a whole new meaning.

Now you can enjoy the music you love with your baby.

The CD's are a collection of magically transformed instrumental lullabies from every generation's favourite artists. Soothing enough to put your baby to sleep and sane enough to keep you humming the tunes.

CHF 15.00

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1. Stairway to heaven 
2. All my love 
3. Black dog 
4. Babe I´m gonna leave you 
5. Bron yr aur stomp 
6. D´yer mak´er 
7. Going to California 
8. Good times bad times 
9. Immigrant song 
10. Hashmir 
11. Misty Mountain hop 
12. Rock and roll 
13. Tangerine 
14. Whole lotta love