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Kids on the Moon

Material: 100% cotton

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No gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon. Perfect for night walks on rooftops, playing in stardust and formal meetings with UFOs.

The brand connects the world of nature, kids’ fantasy and sensitivity with an adult perspective (a careful eye will notice quotes from culture, film, literature, music). Brand’s philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetical education begins at a very early age therefore it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects.

Kids on the Moon is in constant movement. The brand likes to play with different conventions. Every season takes us to different areas of creativity. The fabrics are very high quality and natural and the styles comfortable. Colours are delicately washed out, faded but still bright. Kids on the Moon cooperate with artists from different countries to promote talent and show that passion goes a long way.

Kids on the Moon Material: 100% cotton corduroy, lining: 100% polyester

CHF 50.00 CHF 100.00 -50%

Kids on the Moon Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane

CHF 39.00 CHF 78.00 -50%

Kids on the Moon Material: 80% cotton, 20 polyester

CHF 14.00 CHF 28.00 -50%